Dissidia Final Fantasy NT recebeu uma nova atualização hoje que, entre vários balanceamentos e consertos, há o Mission Mode.

O modo está localizado no Customize e possui alguns requisitos que você deve realizar em combate. Completando isso, ganhará Gil para gastar na loja in-game.

Infelizmente, porém, nenhuma notícia ainda sobre um lançamento no Ocidente da versão gratuita que chegou hoje ao Japão.

Confira os patch notes na íntegra logo abaixo.

■Character Balance Updates

Changes have been made to some of Cloud’s skills.

■Cloud Strife

The main changes to his moves are listed below. (*) In addition to the following, there are other small adjustments and new or altered motions and effects.

alt text

■Character Adjustments

Both shared and individual changes have been made to characters.

alt text

■Warrior of Light

alt text

■Firion alt text


alt text


alt text

■Stage Adjustments

Removed the following battle starting pattern from Insomnia.

■Mission Mode Added

Added a new mode where you can receive rewards for completing certain battle conditions. Tutorials, the event lobby, and boss battles are excluded from missions. You can view the mission lists by going to “Customize,” then selecting “Missions.”

■Resolved Issues

The following issues have been addressed.

-An issue wherein the following story progress panels were marked as completed.

・The Ties That Bind


・Lord of the Stellar Fulcrum

・Surveying the Field

・Have Courage

The above panels were returned to their original status.

Cecil: An issue wherein Cecil would become separated from the target when hitting with the move Soul Eater while airborne.

Other minor issues have also been fixed.

We hope you continue to enjoy DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT.