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About PSX Brasil

PSX Brasilis an independent gaming website about the PlayStation family and related topics. The website was launched in 2009 with the name PS3 Brasil and as a sister-website to Wii Brasil. Since then has become one of the major references on PlayStation in Brazil.

You can find a variety of contents on the website, including:

  • Daily news portraying the current state of the industry
  • Daily polls that instigate reflection and discussions among the participants
  • Game reviews to help those that want to learn more about a game, or simply want to discuss it
  • Articles about the most varied topics related to gaming
  • Trophy Guides for those that want to obtain every single trophy a game can offer
  • Game previews with information about games that are yet to be released, and what we think of them so far

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Plagiarism is a felony and punishment is applicable according to article 184 of the Brazilian Penal Code – Law #9610-98 on Copyrights.

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  • Lucas Metz
  • Luis Guilherme Machado Camargo
  • Matheus Ricardo Uihara Zingarelli
  • Rodrigo Ribeiro de Oliveira
  • Thiago de Alencar Moura

Former contributors

  • Adriano Benedito Pasquini
  • Bruno Ferreira Machado
  • Daniel Alves
  • Felippe Nunes de Freitas
  • Filipi Silveira
  • Flávio ‘Zaca’ Diniz
  • Gustavo Brandão
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  • João Pedro de Paula Oliveira
  • Jonathan Vincent
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  • Patrick Seabra Guimarães
  • Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe
  • Renato Perdiz Rodrigues
  • Ricardo Gabriel Ananias
  • Silas Mello