O embargo dos reviews de Sifu terminou hoje e você confere abaixo as notas que o jogo vem recebendo.

Caso tenha perdido, leia a análise do PSX Brasil.

Paralelo a isso, a Deluxe Edition deveria ter liberado acesso hoje aos usuários, porém não está sendo o caso. A desenvolvedora Slocap pediu desculpas pelo ocorrido, disse estar conversando com a Sony e prometeu compensar os afetados.

Sifu será lançado em 8 de fevereiro para PS4, PS5 e PC.

Atualização: a princípio, o problema foi solucionado.

Game Revolution – 9/10​

With Sifu, developer Sloclap is asking a lot from players. From the punishingly difficult combat that takes hours to learn and tens of hours to master, to the need to repeat and near-perfect levels to lower your starting age, this fighter can be an absolute slog. However, for those who can grit their teeth through the losses and frustration, you’ll come out smiling on the other side having played one of the best games of the year.
Games Radar – 4.5/5​
Sifu is a gorgeous, original and intelligent brawler whose self-confidence is leveraged by its masterful ageing mechanic and super tight combat.
Destructoid – 9/10​
Sifu is a challenge worth taking on and overcoming. It’s a story of vengeance with a little heart at the end, and though it might not land perfectly, it’s got a lot of style and action to back it up.
IGN – 9/10​
Sifu’s brutal learning curve and unique structure that requires you to beat it in just one lifetime are significant barriers to overcome, but on the other side is truly one of the best modern action games around.
Game Informer – 7.3/10​
Mastering Sifu’s combat system takes a high degree of dedication and practice, but like a true martial artist, you must push through the practice pains before you reap any rewards.
Gamespot – 9/10​
Sifu’s unique aging mechanic and top-tier combat make the journey from a headstrong student to a wise kung fu master utterly thrilling.
The Sixth Axis – 4/10​
Sifu is a game that I wanted to love. I had high hopes for it being one of my game of the year contenders, but it left me feeling intensely deflated instead. It’s a game that confuses the precise mechanical difficulty of Sekiro with a forced difficulty brought on by simply giving bosses armour. I find myself irrationally angry with Sifu. Sifu is a game that had exceptional potential, but squandered it on the wrong lessons.
Sifu is incredibly frustrating because beneath all of its messy, clunky contrivances, there is a fantastic action game that I really, really want to play. But Sifu can’t get out of its own way, and its high-concept ambitions spoil its fundamental pleasures.
VGC – 4/5​
Sifu is a master of hand-to-hand combat, injecting its kung-fu showdowns with exhilarating fluidity, tactical depth and cinematic scale. Its structure is harder to fully embrace, though, as it demands a lot of repetitious dedication to even reach the final stages. At times that feels needlessly punishing, but the thrill of the fight should help pull you through.
Inverse – 6/10​
Sifu would benefit enormously from a few optional difficulty modifiers, like a more generous XP system that makes permanent skill upgrades accessible sooner, more weapons in each level, or even the ability to start each stage at age 20. I’d definitely jump back in if the team at Sloclap added more of these to the game. But for now, the game’s lack of flexibility limits its appeal to a niche subset of difficulty die-hards.
Console Creatures – Recommended​
Sifu can often be satisfying when things come together and the action unfolds like a martial arts film but the difficulty will divide players.
Press Start – 9/10​
Through neoteric ideas around what combat can be, many of which were conceived with Absolver, Sloclap has carried the classic beat ‘em up into the present with Sifu. It might be brutal and unforgiving, but it never feels cheap and it’s a pleasure to continually learn the complexities of kung fu while bathing in the world’s surplus of flair and ferocity. So push through and persevere, because there’s one hell of a game on offer here.
MP1st – 9/10​
Sloclap set out to make a game that captures the very essence of Kung Fu. A foundation they started with Absolver that has flourished into a well defined experienced, held by its addictively fun combat, and stylish visuals. Did they deliver? A resounding yes, as Sifu is an absolute must-play.
Sifu is The Protector or The Raid of video games – playable fight choreography that’s as graceful as it is brutal. Every fight is dangerous, every blow you land meaningful, and there’s plenty of room for showboating combos and techniques. From art direction to level design and gameplay, it’s stylish from start to finish. If you can get past the fact that some of its difficulty spikes might age you alongside the protagonist, you’ll be treated to one of the best 3D brawlers ever made.