The King of Fighters XV

A SNK anunciou oficialmente que a trilha sonora de The King of Fighters XV está disponível no Spotify, YouTube e iTunes.

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Leia uma mensagem do diretor Hideki “sha-v” Asanaka sobre a trilha sonora:

KOF XV é o 15º título principal da série KOF, e o DJ STATION está repleto de todo o seu legado musical. Eu estaria mentindo se dissesse que não tenho medo de que as novas músicas sejam enterradas sob os muitos clássicos construídos ao longo dos anos. No entanto, estamos confiantes de que você descobrirá que a música de KOF XV é mais emocionante e fresca do que nunca, ao mesmo tempo em que carrega o legado de KOF, que sempre foi sobre evoluir e mudar com os tempos sem esquecer suas raízes.

Lista de Músicas

  1. NOW OR NEVER (Main Theme)
  2. Main Menu
  3. Member select
  4. Prologue-1
  5. Prologue-2
  6. Prologue-3
  7. Battle Intro
  8. Under the Control of ・・・ (Team Hero)
  9. Result -Win-
  10. Time for revolution It’s our generation (Team Rival)
  11. Fictitious or Real (Team Sacred Treasures)
  12. Midway Scene
  13. Slushy Road (Team Ash)
  14. Liberty (Team Krohnen)
  15. Resonant Objects (Team Oroch)
  16. KD-009q (Team K ')
  17. Enter the Venue (Team G.A.W)
  18. Great Grit (Team IKARI)
  19. Ride the Big Wave! (Team Fatal Fury)
  20. How About a Trip to PAOPAO CAFÉ? (Team Art of Fighting)
  21. Result -Win2-
  22. Like a Queen (Team Super Heroine)
  23. Femme Fatale (Team Secret Agent)
  24. Follow Me! (Grand Final)
  25. Mid Boss Intro-1 (Team Hero)
  26. Mid Boss Intro-2 (Team Hero)
  27. Order Select -Re Verse
  28. Re Verse ̃Edit
  29. Boss Intro
  30. Enforcement (Boss-1)
  31. Absolute Denial (Boss-2)
  32. Boss Defeat-1
  33. Boss Defeat-2
  34. Boss Defeat-3
  35. Team Hero Ending
  36. NOW OR NEVER (1Chorus)
  37. Here I Am (Ending Theme)
  38. Sobagaramakura (Destiny Battle1)
  39. Result -Lose-
  40. Sand and Mud (Destiny Battle2)
  41. No.53 (Destiny Battle3)
  42. Bloody -KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle4)
  43. I Was THE KING OF FIGHTERS (Special Conditions1)
  44. A Storm of Cheers -KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle5)
  45. CLUB-M ~ Flute in the Blue Sky ~ -KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle6)
  46. Psycho Soldier 2018 (Special Conditions2)
  47. KD-0084 -KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle7)
  48. Good bye ESAKA -KOF XV Ver.- (Destiny Battle8)
  49. Sadistic Eyes -KOF XV Ver.- (Destiny Battle9)
  50. Team Rival Ending
  51. Team Sacred Treasures Ending
  52. Team Ash Ending
  53. Team Krohnen Ending
  54. Team Oroch Ending
  55. Team K’ Ending
  56. Team G.A.W Ending
  57. Team IKARI Ending
  58. Team Fatal Fury Ending
  59. Team Art of Fighting Ending
  60. Team Super Heroine Ending
  61. Team Secret Agent Ending
  62. Ending
  63. Mid Boss Intro-1 (Team Rival)
  64. Mid Boss Intro-2 (Team Rival)
  65. Mid Boss Intro (Team Sacred Treasures)
  66. Mid Boss Intro (Team Ash)
  67. Mid Boss Intro (common)
  68. Boss Defeat (common)
  69. DJ STATION Menu
  70. NEOMINI part I
  71. NEOMINI part II
  72. NEOMINI Special Arrange
  73. Re Verse ̃Medley

Por fim, veja abaixo a letra de algumas das músicas.


  • Música e Letra: Steven McNair
  • Vocal: Steven McNair

All hell is coming
You’d better know
Cause I ain’t running
I’m right there where the battle goes
Didn’t lose nothing,
Even with hands tied
Thought I really had something, but
Push came to shove
Senses start distorting
I get hit too low
This is not a warning
Once I’m down they will come for you (You)
Before I give the crown
Like you I’d rather drown (Drown)
So many things I will never say
but you should know by now
Once The hour is too late,
Pride and arrogance have found their prey
We will pay
Take my hand, Its now or never
Don’t let them escape
Back to back, attack, defend the day
Just one way,
Its together, now or never
All hell is coming
You’d better know
Cause I ain’t running
I’m right there where the battle blows
[VERSE 2:]
I don’t care about your sin
and I’m not your friend
But I know you got something, So
Go show them what
when the flies come swarming
Smash them into bits
This is not a warning
Its as real as it ever gets
We’ve got the target locked
We hit until it’s dropped (Dropped)
Adrenaline rush we feel no pain
clenched Jaws and fists are cocked,
my fists are cocked
Repeat [**SABI]
Anywhere, Im right there
(BUT) I’m not enough,
With someone beside me we’ll make it this
time (HEY) My heart is a stone, I won’t give
I won’t give up, I won’t give up
Repeat [**SABI]
I’m right there where the battle blows

Here I am

  • Letra: Marshall Smith & Tom Fox

Here I am
[Verse 1]
Terrible disasters keep happening you see
Is it me or just the weight of
the world piling up on me?
I need someone to rely on
Someone I can trust
I need someone to lend a hand
Before I just give up
Are you the friend I’m searching for?
Somebody I can trust?
I don’t know what I’m ready for
if I don’t act now, who knows when,
I’ll try anything
Hello my friend
You take my hand
And the door I thought would never open
Opens up again
Hello my friend
The view out on the other side is
the best thing that I’ve seen
Is this what life is all about?
Could this be what they mean?
We are all so much stronger together
That’s what you taught me
[Verse 2]
All these strange disasters
Are circling around
Is there nothing I can do, to stop
from falling down?
I need someone to call on
Someone who’ll be there
I need some help from a friend
To get me out of here
Here I am
[Chorus] (X2)
That’s what you taught me
Here I am (X 4)

Time for revolution It’s our generation

  • Letra: Lionel ACKAH
  • Vocal: Kristen Watts

Is that all you’ve got in you
All this time you belittled us
Now you realize a new era is coming
But it’s too late my friend
Too late…
You’re an artifact of the past
We are here to bring the contrast
The colorful generation has arisen
You live in a world of disillusion
All is left for you… Oblivion
With the [amigo] on my side
You’re left with no choice but abide
You’re surrounded left and right
Time for you to give up the fight
All you say is superfluous
You still think (that) you intimidate us
It’s an omen on the wall
Only you cannot see the fall
My graffities are glory, are godly
They will lead us, to eternity
Time for revolution
It’s our generation *4