Street Fighter 6

A Capcom anunciou que o Traje 3, assim como um novo Fighting Pass, estão disponíveis para Street Fighter 6.

Cada traje custa 300 Fighter Coins (Moedas de Lutador). Como não há um pacote que venda esse valor exato, os valores vão de R$ 26,90 (250 FC) a R$ 239,90 (2.750 FC).

O Fighting Pass é tematizado com Fim de Ano. Além disso, temos novas telas de “New Challenger” que podem ser adquiridas com Bilhete de Drive. Veja os trailers a seguir. Confira os patch notes em seguida (via site oficial).

Street Fighter 6 – Traje 3 Disponível

Street Fighter 6 – Todas as Cores do Traje 3

Street Fighter 6 – Novas Telas de “New Challenger”

Street Fighter 6 – Passe de Luta de Feliz Fim de Ano

Street Fighter 6 – Conteúdo do Fighting Pass

Patch Notes

Confira as mudanças específicas nos personagens e na batalha em si aqui.

Goods Shop Items Added
– The “Happy Holidays” Fighting Pass has started.
– Challenge Customization: Cartoonish
– Outfit 3 for the launch roster (18 characters)
Outfit 3 for the additional Year 1 characters is currently planned to go on sale at the time of Akuma’s release.

Fighting Ground
– New features have been added to Battle Settings:
• When “Link to Outfit” has been selected as your Challenge Customization option, if your character is wearing Outfit 2 or Outfit 3 this will now be reflected in the challenge illustration.
• An “Opponent Outfit Settings” option has been added. With this setting you can now set what outfit and color you want each character to appear in when you face them online. (Your options will be limited to outfits and colors, and the changes will only be reflected on your screen.)
– The highest rank you can be assigned from completing your Ranked Match placement matches has been raised from Diamond 1 to Diamond 5.
– Some additional lines and patterns have been added for some of the Live Commentary feature’s commentators.

Warning Regarding Replays
After updating, you won’t be able to play back replays from earlier versions.

CFN > Replay
• Replays saved to your Replay List will remain saved, but cannot be played back.
• Replays from earlier versions will not show up in Search results.

Fighter Profile
History data from earlier versions will not be displayed.

Battle Hub
– The number of Battle Hub servers available has been adjusted.
– A new “Intermediate” server, for beginners and intermediate level players, has been added.
– League-Separated Tournaments have now been broken down into finer groups. The Rookie, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks will each have their own exclusive tournaments, while there will be combined tournaments for Master and Legend rank players.
– The following events have started:
• NERDS collab (December 1, 2023 – January 9, 2024)
• Baki series collab (December 1, 2023 – January 9, 2024)
Other events, such as tournaments, challenges, and birthday celebrations are also being prepared.

World Tour
– The number of entries that can be registered to Favorite Gear has been increased to 100.
– Some perk effects have been adjusted
• Fatal Counter: Outgoing damage boost has been decreased, and incoming damage boost increased. It is also now not possible to stack this perk for an increased effect.
(After the adjustment: Counter Outgoing Damage +50%, Counter Incoming Damage +50%)
• Cross Counter: Outgoing damage boost has been decreased, and incoming damage boost increased.
(After the adjustment: Counter Outgoing Damage +25%, Counter Incoming Damage +25%)
The damage boost values have been adjusted to keep them below the adjusted damage boost values for Fatal Counter.
• Flash: Increased the damage boost granted based on the amount of gauge consumed. Adjusted so that a single instance of this perk can result in a maximum of 180% outgoing damage.

– If your opponent disconnects during an online battle, you will now be able to confirm information on that opponent after the disconnect.
– You will now be able to set your Avatar Recipe Sharing Scope to “Private” under Privacy Settings in Options, so that your recipes are not shared online.
– The date and time you can enter a tournament from will now be displayed on the tournament entry screen.
– We’ve made it easier to notice if a Score Boost is active when playing an Extreme Battle with the “Smash and Grab” x “Lucky Drone” rule and gimmick combination.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed an issue where the frame values of certain moves would not be displayed properly when watching a replay or spectating a match.
– Fixed an issue with Custom Room Team Battles, where if one of the players fighting skipped the victory animation from the second fight onward, the victory animation would not be skipped for those spectating, meaning their feed of the fight would fall behind.
– Other miscellaneous bugs were also fixed.

Known Issues
– During Avatar Battles there are some attacks with follow-ups that should only be possible upon landing a hit with the initial attack, but can currently be activated on block. We are currently working on a solution to the issue.