A WB Games e a Player First Games anunciaram que um update 2.2 está disponível para MultiVersus.

O patch chega durante a Temporada 2 e oficializa o cenário The Court, que estava em período de testes, ao jogo.

Confira os patch notes (via site oficial) a seguir.

Overall patch summary

Developer’s Notes: Whiff Recovery

  • This patch is our first-pass at globally adding more risk into powerful attacks through whiff recovery. When you commit and miss an attack in many cases there will be a larger window for the opponent to punish.
  • We will be trying to be careful with this. We want to help ensure that we’re improving the neutral game toward a direction that is more calculated, while not creating (or encouraging) extremely passive gameplay scenarios.
  • What is the driving force behind this direction?:
    • We want moves with great power to have a high cost for using them, whether that be a cooldown or commitment.
    • The game should not play differently if you land your attack.
  • This will be a work-in-progress and we will continually evaluate and address Whiff Recovery. We welcome any-and-all feedback from the community!


  • Updated move list text for Arya, Batman, and Velma.


  • The Court
    • It’s time to BALL UP and BALL OUT! The Court is finally getting drafted from Custom Matches and will be joining the 2v2, 1v1, and Silly Queue map rotation. Time to turn those pickup games into officials!
    • The walls on The Court will now break after one wall bounce and will now respawn after a short time and push players inward. We are hoping this change will mitigate the effectiveness of camping by the blast box, and to help keep the ball in bounds!


  • Armor Crush: Fixed a bug where attacks would break armor without reaching the appropriate charge threshold.


Confira no site oficial os patch notes completos com todas as mudanças feitas nos personagens.