A Temporada 2 de MultiVersus teve início hoje. Ao contrário da temporada anterior, nenhum anúncio de personagem aconteceu no banner principal (acima).

Como de costume, o Battle Pass (Passe de Batalha) conta com diversos trajes novos e outros cosméticos. Além disso, assinantes PS Plus podem aproveitar um novo pacote MVP:

Vale ressaltar, porém, que os arquivos do jogo deixam claro que Marvin será adicionado em breve como um personagem jogável, além de um cenário de Game of Thrones deve ser disponibilizado também no futuro.

Confira abaixo os patch notes oficiais. Para conferir os balanceamentos dos personagens, visite o site oficial para ver as notas completas.

Open Beta: Season 2 Patch Notes

Overall patch summary
Season 2 Begins!


  • Season 2 starts with a new Battle Pass packed with content. We heard your feedback and made sure that there are no tiers without rewards. We also tuned the number of points required to complete each tier so that the Battle Pass feels both engaging and rewarding.


  • You can now equip up to 3 badges and show them off to the MultiVerse!
The Store is Open!


  • Check out the new MultiVersus in-game store! All cosmetics and characters are all in one place now! Browse away!
Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration!


  • We’ve put in place some network traffic optimizations and Multi-Path Traffic Acceleration. This is just the beginning and we’re seeing promising results, but we will continue to improve our online experience for everyone!

Scooby’s Mansion (No Roof)

  • Increased blastbox size by 10%.
  • Ringouts were coming a bit too fast on the map so we increased the size by a bit.

Space Jam Map Updates!

  • We’re now keeping score of baskets made!
  • Scoring a basket now awards points based on the distance thrown. Try for some difficult 3 pointers!
  • Basket scores will now be broadcasted on the BIG screen!
  • Attacking a player holding a basketball item will cause that player to drop the item. Try fighting for control of The Court!
  • The Court’s walls can no longer be attacked and will only break on a player wall bounce.
  • Space Jam is still only available in Custom matches or in the Lab.
  • Any feedback would be appreciated as we continue to hone in a version of the map for queue!


  • Intro tutorial has been simplified, removing a number of steps
  • VO clips have been added to the intro tutorial.
  • Players are now given the option to go into arcade or their first match after finishing the intro tutorial.
Silly Queue

Jump into Silly Queue to try our BIG new ideas!

  • Our new game type is Big Head Mode! Characters will have large heads, and even larger cooldown reductions! Use your newfound knowledge to take home the win!

New items added to the game.

  • ‘Bounce Pad’: Place a spring pad that will launch anyone that steps on it upward.
  • ‘Proximity Mine’: A placeable mine that will detonate when enemies get close
  • ‘Drumstick’: Cooked chicken leg that will when thrown will turn hit enemies into Chickens for a short time


Evil Morty (Unlockable with: 1500 Gleamium)

Samurai Batman (Unlockable with: 2000 Gleamium)

Fern (Unlockable with: 2,000 Gleamium)

Uncle Shagworthy (Unlockable with: 2,000 Gleamium)

Baker Street Tom and Jerry (Unlockable on tier 50 of the Free Battle Pass)

Astronaut Velma (Unlockable on Tier 1 of the Premium Battle Pass)

Tea Time Reindog (Unlockable on Tier 42 of the Premium Battle Pass)

Maestro Bugs Bunny (Unlockable on Tier 50 of the Premium Battle Pass)