MediEvil será lançado nesta sexta, 25 de outubro, porém seu embargo para reviews terminou hoje. Veja abaixo as notas que o jogo vem recebendo.

Caso tenha perdido, confira a nossa análise de MediEvil.



MediEvil successfully brings Daniel Fortesque’s tale back from the dead yet again, but not nearly enough was done to modernize the mechanics of this remake.

IGN: 6.5

Given that a physical copy of the original MediEvil goes for roughly $30 these days, shelling out the same price for a PS4 remake is a steal. A new coat of paint can’t inherently fix all of the issues with the original, but anyone with an open mind for kooky mascot platformer action will be pleasantly surprised with MediEvil.

Destructoid: 7.5

Unless you’re a hardcore lover of the original MediEvil, I can find little reason to recommend this remake when there are numerous superior platformers available on PS4. Heck, even Knack manages to produce a more compelling experience than this, surpassing the brittle bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque in almost every department. As someone who was equally enthralled and terrified by the original duo of games, this is an unfortunate dissapointment.

Trusted Review: 2/5

Whether you’re going into this with childhood nostalgia or this is your first time, you are certainly in for a frighteningly good treat.

Next Gen Base: 8.5

It may look better than the original MediEvil, but the improvements stop there. This could have been the beginning of a new breath of life for a cult favourite, but instead it’s probably the final nail in the series’ coffin.

VGC: 4

MediEvil is, for better and worse, an original PlayStation game with a new coat of paint. It’s a fun romp through imaginative levels with classical gameplay styles, and charmed my pants off with its humor while I struggled with the platforming and fixed camera angles.

GamingTrend: 7/10

MediEvil shows that it’s possible to take a classic and completely remake the look from the ground up while still making it feel as it once did two decades ago.

Wccftech: 8.2

MediEvil finally makes the transition from PS1 to PS4 in a spectacular new remake that fans have been clamoring for. The Tim Burton-esque beauty and clever gameplay has held up incredibly well for a twenty-year-old game but some precarious camera angles and clumsy combat keep the game from perfection.

PlayStation Universe: 9.5

All in all MediEvil PS4 is a solid, well-made remake that is a Halloween treat for longtime fans thanks to its remarkably improved sounds and visuals. Other Ocean Emeryville also does a nice job of ironing out some old kinks for modern audiences while leaving the gameplay mostly intact. Most of the time, this is for the better, but sometimes it’s for the worse.

Twinfinite: 8/10