A Ascensão do Ronin

A Team Ninja divulgou em suas redes sociais os patch notes das atualizações 1.04 de A Ascensão do Ronin.

Veja a seguir todas as novidades.

Patch 1.04

Adjustments to Weapons

Katana: Adjusted damage of Martial Skills of each style.

  • Yagyu Shinkage-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Swallow Slash”: Adjusted timing of blade becoming ablaze to be earlier, and added invincibility immediately after activating this skill.
  • Mugai-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Firecracker”: Reduced Ki consumption, increased damage and max. Ki damage. Reduced Ki damage, and Ki damage when blocked.
  • Tatsumi-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Swift Showdown”: Adjusted so the skill is easier to land on enemies.
    • Martial Skill “Cardinal Rend” and “Cardinal Wreck”: Adjusted so the skill is easier to hid enemies.
  • Aisu Kage-ryu
    • Adjusted so you can now Blade Flash earlier after normal attacks and Martial Skills.

Spear: Adjusted and lowered Ki consumption of Martial Skills.

  • Hozoin-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Devil’s Sweep”: Chain attack triggered by additional button presses is now easier to hit.
  • Jitokuin-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Torrential Thrust” and “Indomitable Torrent”: Now activates earlier, and is now easier to perform the follow-up attack on enemies with depleted ki.

Paired Sword: Adjusted balance of each of the styles and Martial Skills of each of the styles.

  • Mumyo-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Twin Dragons” and “Twin Dragons II”: Increased damage, reduced max. Ki damage and Ki damage when blocked.
  • Niten Ichi-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Glowworm” and “Unearthly Flame”: Increased damage, decreased Blood Gauge gain and max. Ki damage.
    • Martial Skill “Glowworm” and “Unearthly Flame”: Enemies will no longer stagger after the first hit when hit when the enemy is panicked.
    • Martial Skill “Unearthly Flame”: Decreased damage of the flames on the ground, and reduce the status ailment “Burn” effectiveness.
  • Kyoshin Meichi-ryu
    • Adjusted so you can Blade Flash earlier during normal attacks.

Odachi: Adjusted Martial Skill of each Style, with focus on max. Ki damage.

  • Nodachi Jigen-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Quickdraw Slash”: Downward slash, triggered with additional button press is now easier to land on enemies.
    • Martial Skill “Simian Scream”: Follow up strikes with additional button presses, is now easier to land on enemies.
  • Jigen-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Wood Chopper” and “Wood Chopper II”: Additional slashes adjusted to perform faster with button presses.
    • Martial Skill “Wood Chopper II”: Mighty blow, perform by holding button, is now easier to land on enemies.
  • Tennen Rishin-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Aurora Fist”: Adjusted so the skill starts earlier, and follow up attack is now easier to land on enemies.
    • Martial Skill “Roaring Blade” and “Dragon King’s Roar”: Adjusted so the skill starts earlier.

Saber: Adjusted Martial Skill damage to be fair with Ki consumption.

  • Mumyo-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Kubira Whirl” and “Kubira Vortex”: Now easier to hit enemies afar.

Polearm: Lowered Ki consumption across the board for all styles.

  • Mumyo-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Will-o-the-wisp Purge”: Now easier to hit enemies afar.

Bayonet: Reduced Ki consumption of Martial Skills, and adjusted damage.

  • Mumyo-ryu
    • Increased max. Ki damage of shooting attacks.

Greatsword: Adjusted each style with a focus on charge attacks.

  • Mumyo-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Rock Crusher”: Changed so that attack will slam enemy when hit, when activated by holding button.

Oxtail Blade: Adjusted and lowered Ki consumption of Martial Skills and non-weapon attacks.

  • Mumyo Kaishin-ryu
    • Martial Skill “Beast Thrasher”: Reduced the time needed for charging the charge attack.
  • Unarmed: Reduced Ki consumption and adjusted Martial Skill damage.
    • Martial Skill “Raven’s Claw”: Added invisibility briefly right after activating the skill.

Character Control Adjustments

  • Adjusted input buffering of Martial Skills during normal attacks.
  • Adjusted to make Flash Attack and Violent Gale trigger faster during normal attacks.
  • Adjusted so that grappling hook triggers faster during normal attacks.
  • You can now cancel Flash Attack and Violent Gale, to perform an Martial Skill.
  • Adjusted input buffering of normal attacks during Flash Attack and Violent Gale.
  • Flash Attack and Violent Gale animations are now faster.
  • Adjusted so that actions after staggering an enemy with counterspark responds better.
  • Mid-air counterspark is now triggered earlier.
  • Increased Ki recovery on successful mid-air countersparks.
  • Adjusted so that transitions to another action upon a successful mid-air counterspark is faster.
  • Adjusted input buffering of normal attacks during Blade Flash.
  • Heavy Weapon (Odachi, Polearm, Greatsword) and Normal Weapons (Katana, Spear, Bayonet):
    • Reduced Blood Gauge loss when blocking enemy attacks.
  • During combat and locked on to enemy, Combat Style window is now displayed faster.
  • Can now guard during pick up motion.
  • Grapple motion adjusted slightly.
  • Other adjustments to animations of actions.

Enemy Adjustments

  • On “Midnight” difficulty, some bosses now use items.
  • Adjusted action selection of bosses on “Dusk” and “Twilight” difficulty.
    • Mission “The Way of the Warrior”
    • Mission “The Seed of Doubt”
    • Mission “Chopped Liver”
    • Mission “The Battle of Toba-Fushimi”
    • Mission “The Physician’s Request” “A Vow of Steel”
      • Adjusted so that there is now sufficient time to guard/counterspark/dodge in between 1 boss’s attack and the other boss’s follow up attack.
    • Mission “The Last Shogun”
      • Adjusted so that it is less likely that both bosses will use their Martial Skill at the same time.
    • Adjusted to not place flames near the boss when they move, and shortened duration.
    • Adjusted general accuracy of Boar enemies when targeting player, as well as adjusting movement in places where there are height differences.

Other Adjustments

  • Adjusted camera work when nearby walls to now better angles where you can see the character and your opponent better.
  • Adjusted Auto-run mechanic when the destination is set to an Unruly Area. Player will now stop running as soon as they reach the unruly Area instead of the exact marker location.
  • Can now dismount horse while in Auto-run.
  • Adjusted enemy placement of Unruly Area in “Midnight” difficulty.
  • Removed some flags that show up during Horseback Archery at the Military Academy in Edo.
  • Can now change/swap Veiled Arts at Equipment Screen and equipment presets.
  • Can now join the same room, even when each player has different difficulty settings during Cooperate.
  • Adjusted so that certain Black Marketers will sell “Firefighter’s Cowl”.
  • Post ending, Pilgrim Dogs will now bring back higher rarity items.
  • Adjusted the amount of Silver obtained when petting other player’s pilgrim dogs.
  • Adjusted motion blur of graphics mode “Graphics” and “Raytracing”.
  • Now able to play music on PS5 while playing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Veiled Arts set to different combat styles had different specs when compared to its original style.
  • Fixed an issue where switching styles during specific action will result in an unintended action being triggered.
  • Fixed an issue where you could receive damage during Handgun Critical Hit or praying at shrines.
  • Fixed an issue where the horse would stop moving when circling around on stairs or slopes.
  • Fixed an issue where horses would have strange angles.
  • Fixed issue in Combat Training where Kogoro Katsura, Yukichi Fukuzawa, Eiichi Shibusawa would recover Ki during attack sequences.
  • Fixed issues where enemy and NPC will loop in unintended action/behavior.
  • Fixed issue where you will be stuck in crouch when entering storehouse, after clearing a Unruly Area in a specific way.
  • Fixed rare instances where enemies will get buried underground.
  • Fixed issue where once in a while, Combined Critical Hit would fail.
  • Fixed unnatural transitions of specific movements.
  • Fixed issue where in “Midnight” difficulty, an already restored Unruly Area would return to being unsolved.
  • Fixed issues where an unintended score was obtainable during Grinding Training.
  • Rankings will now be based on scores obtained from this version and onwards.
  • “High-scores obtained on previous versions will be re-calculated to its correct value after the update.
  • Fixed bug where the same user’s character and pilgrim dog would appear excessively.
  • Fixed bug where the fourth accessory would not save properly in presets.
  • Fixed bug where in origin “Unsharpened”, if Charm is over 101, luck would decrease.
  • Fixed bug where Blade Repairing after selecting “Unsharpened” would keep the luck status even after resetting.
  • Fixed bug during Bond Mission “The Seed of Doubt”, where after selecting a specific dialogue choice, Kogoro Katsura’s stats would not increase.
  • Fixed some background texture that looked rough.
  • Fixed issue where in graphics mode “Prioritize Graphics”, some shadow shapes would change suddenly.
  • Fixed performance issues in certain stages.
  • Fixed issues where in certain stages or circumstances, models would suddenly pop or switch appearance.
  • Fixed issue where when equipping certain equipment would cause the model to extend.
  • Other minor fixes.