Shadow Man Remastered

Shadow Man Remastered, lançado em janeiro de 2022 para PS4, recebeu há poucos dias uma atualização significativa que adiciona uma nova dificuldade, inimigos e até mesmo troféus da PSN.

A nova dificuldade, ‘The Horror’, pode ser selecionada ao iniciar uma nova aventura. Com ela, há mais inimigos e obstáculos mortais em todas as fases, você recebe o dobro e causa a metade de dano, todos os inimigos possuem ao menos um novo ataque extra ou ação e muito mais.

Os novos troféus (veja a lista aqui) são justamente para terminar o jogo nessa nova dificuldade e eliminar a Seraph Queen.

Confira os patch notes na íntegra a seguir.

Patch Notes

New difficulty, “The Horror”, can be selected when starting a new adventure. This difficulty contains many changes to make the adventure more challenging.
These are some of the changes (other changes not mentioned to avoid spoilers):
– More enemies and deadly obstacles have been added in all levels.
– Shadow man receives twice the damage.
– The Shadow gun deals less damage and no longer leaves Lifeforce drops after killing enemies. (Start using your Voodoo weapons!)
– Almost all enemies now have at least one extra attack or action.
– Enemies no longer recoil, and are stronger, faster, better.

The horror. The horror. Do you embrace it?

Level Changes:
– All Levels: Geometery and lighting fixes.
– Gad Temples: After the Gad cutscenes play the level music will begin to play.
– Louisiana Swampland Daytime: If Nettie has more than one cutscene to play you can simply walk out of the church and reenter to hear what she has to say instead of Teddy Warping back to the same level.
– Louisiana Swampland Nighttime: The plinth and candles under the crypts that were previously only in daytime are now in night time.
– Louisiana Swampland Day/Night: Added Angel Statue from Nvidia assets.
– New York Tenement: At night time the level was previously using the daytime geometery (Whoops!). Corrected to use the night time geometery.
– New York Tenement: The Teddy warp point no longer activates until after Averys cutscene has played. This prevents the player from Teddy warping past the cutscene trigger.
– New York Tenement: Pickup item music now plays when you pickup quest items
– Florida Summer Camp Day/Night: Fixed lights bleeding in through the floors in the ceiling vents.
– Mojave Desert Salvage Yard: Added canyons that now surround the salvage yard based on the original design.
– Mojave Desert Salvage Yard: The hidden door behind the Show Me Inn has been opened a bit so it’s much easier to see now.
– Mojave Desert Salvage Yard: Placed Marcos outer door in the correct sector and fixed nearby lighting.
– Asylum – The Gateway: The front door of the Asylum now uses the meshes and textures from the Nvidia build. A cutscene has been added for opening it with a new sfx and also plays the previously unused event08 tune.
– Asylum – The Gateway: Added other Nvidia models used for the Asylum entrance.
– Asylum – Experimentation rooms: New Voodoo weapon added in place of the Govi overlooking the sewer walkways. Moved Govi into the back-right slaughter room with a few extra health barrels.
– Asylum – Experimentation rooms: Seraph Queen boss room expanded.
– Asylum – Experimentation rooms: Added a Baton Plinth shortcut near the Teddy Bear warp that connects to the sewer exit.
– Asylum – Experimentation rooms: You can no longer gib the dead Trueform body where the Trueform cutscene plays until after it finishes.
– Asylum – Experimentation rooms: Pickup item music now plays when you pickup quest items
– Asylum – Schism Chambers: Set the front left barrel in Miltons Schism room from shotgun ammo to health.
– Asylum – The Dark Engine: Made the rope easier to grab onto near Averys Soul Gate exit.
– Asylum – The Dark Engine: Added dead Trueform bodies on the tables in the Dark Soul experiment rooms.
– Temple of Prophecy: Added a new room for the Bloodfalls button where the original games path nodes lead to.
– Temple of Blood: Added a push block below the calabash plate with the govi above it.
– Temple of Blood: Added a Sister that was in the n64 version in front of the Govi where the 8 Calabash plates are.

Enemy Changes:
– Added Seraph and Seraph Queen
– Added Deadworm in various locations throughout Deadside.
– Added 2 new Surgeon baddy variants based on the original concept art: the “Painkiller” and the “Sentinel”
– Improved Marcos behaviour during his final encounter.
– Deadsiders now use their previously unused suck sfx when they attack.
– Alien Deadsiders can be gibbed with shotguns.
– Biseph enemies use the correct Shadow gun death animation.
– When the Sisters awake… the statues break and create debris.
– When the 5 serial killers teleport away the previously unused teleport sfx is now played.
– Fixes to the 5 serial killers and Legion so their footsteps sounds play correctly.
– Fixed Avery Horror tune not playing after he spawns and made him active longer during the maze ambush.
– Added Miltons pain sounds.
– Trueform projectile attacks will now collide with objects such as doors.
– fixes to baddy collision with level geometery.
– fixes to enemies colliding with Shadow Man in the same space but different sectors.
– if certain enemies are damaged while out of range/sight in their inactive state then they’ll become active.
– Projectiles and explosions should no longer be damaging hidden enemies.
– Added missing blood effects when enemies are being killed by the Shadow Gun.
– Added cut content – flame shooting statue faces in Gad Temples on The Horror difficulty only.

Texture Changes:
– Added new option to toggle Dreamcast Water textures and texture smoothing.
– Fixed hd sky textures in: swamp, deadside, florida, tenement, prison, experimentation rooms, walk gad temple, swim gad temple
– Restored uncensored meat textures from Nvidia build.
– Upscaled ShadowGun explosion and Darkexplo FX HD textures.
– Removed artifacts from Floater textures
– Updated static fire textures, grenade explosion textures, swim gad level fire textures.
– Updated HD face textures for Shadow Man, Mike, Nettie, Luke, Victor, Marco, Jack, Legion.
– Retractor textures now match the inventory icon
– 78 more pages of concept art have been added in the Book of Shadows.

General Changes:
– Added 2 new Achievements
– Added a new Voodoo weapon based on the original Trueform skull concept art. New page added to the end of The Prophecy book for it.
– A complete list of objectives and items that you’re currently able to find is now displayed in the Teddy Bear screen for each level you have visited or can warp to. Levels that you have visited but can’t warp to yet will be shown in red. This can be turned off under the Show Hints option in the Game Settings menu.
– Added new menu options for: Snipe Sensitivity, Toggle Targeting, appling brightness settings to the HUD, controller icons, texture smoothing, Dreamcast water textures, and an option to change fonts when viewing Netties Folder, The Prophecy, and Jack’s Journal.
– Added 3 new secrets to unlock in the secrets menu.
– You can now always move while in snipe mode and don’t need the “FPS Mode” secret on which has been replaced with a new secret.
– “Disco” secret has been separated into 3 options: “Disco Clothes”, “Disco Music”, “Disco Lights”
– “Area-51” secret has been separated into 2 options: “Area-51 Enemies”, “Area-51 Music”
– You can target enemies by tapping the “target” button instead of having to hold it down by enabling the Toggle Targeting menu option.
– In the save menu you can now delete save files.
– When loading a game from the menu, if you don’t have the Teddy bear in your inventory you can select if you want to start from the beginning of the level or your last position. (For those that saved during the Legion fight)
– Added Credits and level Monologue cutscenes to the Review Movies menu and fixed 20+ year old bugs that deal with unlocking cutscenes in the menu.
– The Credits no longer loop forever.
– The original frontend menu sounds have been added in.
– The Shadow Meter now draws the current max lifeforce.
– You can select multiple levels of Film Grain from the display settings.
– There’s now a very quick fade in effect when Teddy warping.
– When viewing Netties files, The Prophecy, Jack’s Journal, or the Book of Shadows you can press up or down menu inputs to show/hide the arrows on screen.
– When selecting the Return To Title menu option, if you didn’t save your game the confirmation window will tell you that you will lose all unsaved progress.
– Water effects are now the appropriate color instead of always white.
– Debris from explodable objects such as pots and barrels now spawn in the correct position
– Shooting Air Grills now create debris.
– Added the missing Soul Gate red mist effect to all Soul Gates.
– Fixed Deadsiders standing on cages.
– Fixes to several cutscenes.
– Added more helpful tips for pushing crates, and shooting locks in Louisiana Swampland Daytime.
– Water volumes that move in the Gad Temples and the Playrooms, are now correctly transparent and their vertices now move slightly up and down simulating waves.
– Trueform projectile impact effects now align correctly to level geometery.
– Reduced size of helicopter explosion effects slightly.
– Reversed the direction that the sky moves to match the original.
– Flambeau doors now save their state.
– Fixed shadows for items that Shadow Man is holding in his hands.
– Mike’s shirt is updated after he changes animations during cutscenes.
– Items placed in your hands on the inventory menu will be correctly applied after Teddy Bear warping without exiting the inventory menu.
– The Flamebeau projectile casts shadows.
– Additional changes to Voodoo weapons after collecting the Light Soul.
– Only Shadow Man is immune to fire, not Mike after you obtain the Swim Gad. Fix to the day time Show me Inn fire not dealing damage.
– 0.9-SMG and MP-909 smoke effects now appear after done firing.
– Weapon muzzle and smoke effects will no longer appear while in snipe mode unless Show Snipe Weapons is on.
– Dead enemies no longer keep doors open.
– A version of the original map for the game was redone by a fan, Benjamin Alexander, for the remaster and has been included in the last page of The Prophecy.
– Changed the menu mouse cursor texture filter to Linear.
– The Temple of Blood Push Statues move faster.
– Shadow Man struggles to open coffin gates the higher the required shadow level. All 4 Shadow Man moan sounds are used for opening coffin gates of differernt shadow levels.
– Fixed default controller bindings for camera zoom in/out
– Fixed Enseigne consuming voodoo on hit even though you weren’t using it.
– When Shadow Man is hanging on a ledge he will now let go if his feet touches the ground. Vertical moving platforms like the one in the Walk Gad Temple could push shadow man up and he’d be hanging on air.
– When Shadow Man transitions from lower to upper or upper to lower hanging animations, the animations will no longer be interrupted when he takes damage.
– Lifeforce pickups now give the same amount of Lifeforce as the original.
– Fixed Shadow Man not moving when dangling on ropes at a certain angle.
– Fixed Shadow Mans velocity increasing when his mesh changes.
– Fixed Shadow Mans bone rotation when using a controller
– Fixed Shadow Mans rotation when standing on objects that were rotating on the x and z axis.
– Fixed footstep sounds not playing when Shadow Man / Mike pulls himself up from hanging on a ledge. Made the timings the sounds play for each animation more accurate.
– Fixed audio issue when sometimes certain sounds would cut off the music or other sounds.
– Fixed a bug where Shadow Man’s hand animation would not reset back to normal after unequipping certain weapons.
– Fixed a bug where Shadow Man could begin to hang on ledges with an object in the way.
– Fireball sounds are now played for spinning statue heads.
– Can no longer trigger Victor Batrachian’s cutscene by damaging him.
– Fixed audio issues.
– Chaining left strafe jumps are now the same speed as chaining right strafe jumps.
– You can now skip the Teddy Bear warping animation by pressing any button.
– When entering a schism your guns are put away and when exiting a schism Shadow Mans mask and eyes will now appear at the correct time.
– When performing actions that put away your weapons such as pushing and climbing your weapons will be taken out again only if they were out when the action began.
– Jaunty says his unused speech lines when Shadow Man is nearby and Nettie has something new to say.
– The bonus folder now includes the Shadow Man Remastered Manual.pdf
– Performance optimizations
– Other minor fixes