Secret Neighbor

Uma nova atualização foi lançada nesta semana para Secret Neighbor chamada de Call of the Kraa.

A atualização é destacada pela nova classe The Guest, efeitos climáticos adicionais, novos emotes e muito mais. Várias mudanças também foram implementadas.

Veja o trailer e os patch notes na íntegra a seguir.


– New playable class – The Guest
– New section in Tutorial rooms for The Guest
– New weather system – don’t forget your umbrellas!
– Some objects react to wind such as grass, flags & trees
– New fear and out-of-stamina effects: heartbeat and onscreen effects
– 3rd-person camera mode added
– New emotion type: dances
– New emotes added – emotes can also now be used in the Lobby
– A few other new animations here and there
– Full seasonal costumes and cosmetics are available now in the Seasonal shop
– New distance culling effect: objects now appear/disappear smoothly depending on distance
– New missing objects after a player is caught
– Halloween-themed décor throughout maps and lobby
– New 2022 Halloween costumes added


– Radial wheel menu extended to 12 slots – previous assigned emotes may reset
– Main menu theme modified
– Slight rebalancings of all existing class types
– Players can see in the darkness a bit better while crouching
– Nicknames’ visibility range reduced
– Potato..

Control Changes

– Character’s passive abilities’ icons are now visible in gameplay
– Spectator and Teleport “Next” and “Previous” selections changed to controller bumpers