A primeira grande atualização para Hell Let Loose nos consoles já tem data para ser lançada. De forma gratuita, esse primeiro update trará uma grande quantidade de conteúdo e implementações que já foram lançados no PC, mas que só agora chegarão para PS5 e Xbox Series.

Além disso, haverá ajustes e melhorias em diversas partes do jogo, conserto de bugs e mais baseado no feedback dos jogadores. A desenvolvedora também pede desculpas pelo atraso da chegada desse conteúdo aos consoles e garante que a espera valerá a pena.

Em grande parte, o jogo receberá novas armas, uniformes, partes cosméticas, mapas novos, equipamentos, veículos e mais. Abaixo é possível conferir a lista completa de novidades.

Full list of content and changes shipping with Update 1


  • Stalingrad

  • Kursk

  • Sainte Marie du Mont v2 (Replace SMDM v1)

  • Foy US Offensive

  • Hill 400 GER Offensive

  • Purple Heart Lane (Rain) GER Offensive

  • Carentan GER Offensive


  • PPSh-41

  • PPSh-41 w/ Drum

  • SVT-40

  • Mosin Nagant 1891

  • Mosin Nagant M38

  • Mosin Nagant 91/30

  • DP-27

  • Mosin Nagant 91/30 Scoped

  • SVT-40 Scoped

  • Nagant M1895

  • Tokarev TT33

  • PTRS-41

  • ZiS-2

  • MPL-50 Spade

  • M97 Trench Gun

  • FG42

  • FG42 Scoped (4x)


  • RG-42 Grenade

  • RDG-2 Smoke Grenade

  • Pomz AP Mine

  • TM-35 AT Mine

  • Satchel Charge (SOV)


  • RKKA 8×40 Binoculars

  • Watch (SOV)

  • Revive (SOV)

  • Bandage (SOV)

  • Wrench (SOV)

  • Hammer (SOV)

  • Blowtorch (SOV)

  • Supplies (SOV)

  • Medical Supplies (SOV)

  • Small Ammunition Box (SOV)

  • Explosive Ammo Box (SOV)


  • Soviet Union versions of all existing roles (In-Game & Barracks)

  • US Assault – Veteran (In-Game & Barracks)

  • GER Automatic Rifleman – Paratrooper (In-Game & Barracks)

  • GER Sniper – Veteran (In-Game & Barracks)

  • Anti Tank Loadouts shuffled around.

    • New loadout order: Standard Issue, Gun Crew, Ambusher.

    • Old order: Standard Issue, Ambusher, Gun Crew.


  • T34 Medium Tank (SOV)

  • IS-1 Heavy Tank (SOV)

  • ZiS-5 Transport Truck (SOV)

  • ZiS-5 Supply Truck (SOV)

  • BA10 Recon Vehicle (SOV)

  • M3 Half-Track (SOV)

  • Replace Panther with Panzer IV Medium Tank (GER)

  • M3 Half-Track (US)

  • Sd.Kfz.251 Half-Track (GER)

Commander Abilities:

  • Katyusha Strike

  • Spawn Half-Track

  • US – Light & Medium Tanks can now be spawned.

  • German – Light Tank can now be spawned.

  • Resource changes to all the Commander Abilities.

  • Final Stand removed.


  • Set to Soviet Backdrop – Front End

  • Enable Soviet Music Tracks

  • Update IIS to Soviet Key-art

  • Added New Maps to Field Manual

  • Add Console-specific text updates to Field Manual


  • Defender of the Motherland – Play 5 matches on Stalingrad.

  • To the Village of my Babushka – Play 5 matches on Kursk.

DLC Uniforms (Platform Holder Store & In-Game):

  • Tropic Fever – US Cosmetic DLC

  • Hot Drop – US Cosmetic DLC

  • False Front – German Cosmetic DLC

Bug Fixes
  • Debug text / missing commend button prompt present within the field manual in Russian.

  • The game will softlock on the ‘Leave Server’ prompt after resigning as Commander

  • No vote confirmation when a player votes to punish their team killer

  • FPS drop occurs while tanks are firing at one another

  • Non-functional button prompts are present above the map’s key

  • Game will stop registering some controller inputs during gameplay

  • Radial menu does not close after releasing the button in most vehicles

  • Suspending the title when loading into a map causes crash or game closure

  • “Apply and back” prompt in in-game options are not localised

  • The player can equip items that the player has run out of using RB/R1

  • Turning off adaptive triggers and restarting the game will show the trigger still being adaptive and the setting still Off

  • ‘B’ or ‘O’ button to close the Personal Stats page does not function on post-match scoreboard

  • Two functions mapped to the same button on post-game scoreboard

  • T17 overlay ‘Recently played with’ tab doesn’t update after blocking player

  • Leaving the Commander role will result in the player having a slight loss of focus

  • Invert axis controls don’t function when using an Anti-Tank gun

  • The player will receive a network error message if they initiate matchmaking immediately after they cancel it

  • Noticeable LOD transitions for sandbags

  • Airhead spawn number continuously increases until the Airhead disappears

  • [Carentan] Player can clip through and shoot through a hedge asset

  • Host will crash at the IIS after performing a LAN disconnection in game while in a party.

  • Scoreboard option “Key” and description of units are not correctly translated.

  • VoIP exploit on consoles

Thanks again for your patience this year! We’ll see you next week. o7