A nWay divulgou uma nova atualização para Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (versão 1.23 no PS4).

O update oferece mudanças em relação a balanceamento para todos os personagens. Há também ajustes no sistema de Megazord e mais.

Você pode conferir os patch notes na íntegra (via site oficial) logo abaixo.


  • Game camera has been tuned to give high altitude characters more head room. This has no effect on gameplay.

  • Game camera has been tuned to widen the field of view more granularly. This has no effect on gameplay.


  • Physics colliders and hurtbox colliders have been normalized and made more consistent across the board.

    • Combos are more reliable against a variety of characters.

    • Pass through and cross over functionality behaves more consistently against all types of character sizes.


  • Megazords no longer deal unscaled damage.

  • Megazord hits do not advance damage proration. A MZ opening hit into a full combo still deals high damage, for instance.


  • Ultra Power Sword (Heavy): significantly increased startup time.


  • Delta Arrest (Medium): no longer affects non-leader opponents.


  • Counterattack: hitbox size increased dramatically.

  • Omamori (Light): damage increased slightly per hit.

  • Tempered Steel (Heavy): damage increased slightly. First hit can now hit on-the-ground (OTG). Range extended significantly.


  • Excavator (Medium): startup reduced significantly. Increased hitstun of first hit.

  • Thunderzord Tail Combo (Heavy): Startup reduced slightly. Duration between attacks reduced significantly.



  • Juggle limiter inflation reduced across the board.

  • Damage adjustments

    • Standing Light 1: 35 ➔ 40

    • Standing Light 2: 35 ➔ 40

    • Standing Medium 1: 40 ➔ 60

    • Standing Heavy 1: 50 ➔ 60

    • Standing Heavy 2: 50 ➔ 60

    • Crouching Light: 35 ➔ 40

    • Crouching Heavy: 75 ➔ 80

    • Jumping Light: 35 ➔ 40

    • Jumping Heavy: 65 ➔ 70

    • Putty Masher (Forward + Medium): 60 ➔ 70

    • Dragon Wave (Back + Special): 100 ➔ 80

    • Dragonzord Missile Assault (Super): 50*3 ➔ 70*3 (unscaled portion)

  • Putty Masher and Axe Kick (Back + Medium): are now “kara” cancelable

  • Putty Masher now causes wall bounce.

  • Dragon Wave: now causes a reverse launch hit reaction. Startup reduced from F27 to F17. Dragon Wave gains 1 point of armor at frame 6 and lasts until frame 17.

  • Dragon Drill (Forward + Special): special cancel window to Dragon Dive expanded.

  • Dragon Dive (Jumping Special): hitbox size increased slightly.

  • Back Throw: special cancel window to Dragon Drill expanded.


  • Juggle limiter inflation reduced across the board.

  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Standing Medium 2: decreased recovery on hit, increased damage.

  • Crouching Heavy: increased launch height.

  • Jumping Light and Jumping Medium: increased gravity on juggle hit.

  • Titanus Counter (Special): startup reduced dramatically; counter frame starts at frame 10, down from frame 28.

  • Back Roll (Back + Special): follow-up input window is now earlier; overall faster to shoot.

  • Air Blaster Shot (Jumping Special): increased damage, hitbox height increased.

  • Triple Threat (EX): follow-up is now optional. On successful hit, the player can press Special to perform the additional EX attacks.

  • Forward Throw now causes wall bounce.

  • Back Throw now causes launch.


  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  •  “Normal” arrow target combos reworked.

    • Ranger Slayer can fire any 3 “normal” medium arrows in succession, as long as moves aren’t repeated back to back.

      • E.g., Medium > Back + Medium > Medium, or Forward + Medium, Back + Medium, Forward + Medium, are acceptable combos.

  • Standing Medium is now cancelable into Crouching Medium.

  • Arrow projectile strength increased, with normal arrows matching the strength of Mastodon Sentry’s projectiles. Special arrows are slightly stronger.

  • Nocked arrows projectile strength increased significantly. Each arrow is as strong as Tommy’s Dragon Fire.

  • Standing Light and Standing Light 2: now cancelable into crouching attacks. Reduced hitstun and blockstun.

  • Crouching Light: can now be rapid fired. Cancel window moved 4 frames earlier.

  • Standing Medium: reduced hitstun, cancel window pushed back.

  • Crouching Medium: can now hit OTG; OTG causes a limited spinning knockdown.

  • Forward Throw: now causes a sliding knockdown (state that can be OTG’d)

  • Jumping Light: startup reduced to 1F, from 3F.

  • Pterodactyl Flight ~ Rear Shot (Forward Special ~ Heavy): reworked and replaced with Bird of Prey, a divekick-like attack. Normal version causes spinning knockdown on juggle hit, while nocked causes wall bounce.

  • Forward Dash: reduced earliest attack cancel time by 2 frames.


  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Increased dash jump height.

  • Moon Splitter (Back + Heavy): now causes a ground bounce on hit. Reduced startup to 21F, down from 23F. Increased forward distance. Reduced blockstun and increased recovery.

  • Magna Blaster (Special) reworked

    • Projectile speed increased by 100%

    • Max distance increased by 25%

    • Considered 5 separate projectiles spreading out in a shotgun formation

    • At close range, damage is increased to 134

  • Hot Steel (Forward Special): animation adjusted; now travels smoothly and more consistently, making it more reliable in combos.

  • Energy Chop (Jumping Special): juggle more consistently on hit. Landing active hit extends behind Magna Defender, significantly.

  • Energy Chop: ground bounce is now guaranteed, regardless of how many ground bounces were used in the combo.

  • Forward Dash: reduced earliest cancel window to 10F, down from 12F.


  • Crouching Heavy: OTG spinning knockdown no longer knocks opponent away.

  • Snow Shield (Back Special): reduced total time; frames to 40, down from 57.

  • Icicle Strike (Forward Special): startup reduced from 30F to 22F. Juggle and pushback properties adjusted to make it launch more consistently.

  • Hail Storm (Jumping Special): third projectile now causes ground bounce (on ground), and spike bounce (in air). Projectile hitbox size increased.


  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Removed juggle limiter inflation on all attacks.

  • Standing Medium: can now hit OTG, causing limited OTG ground bounce. First hit now causes no pushback, making it more consistent in juggles.

  • Standing Heavy 2: increased forward movement distance.

  • Jumping Light: increased hitbox size and increased active window.

  • Jumping Medium: startup reduced to 15F, down from 18F; active frames increased to 16F, from 6F.

  • Dragon Pound (Jumping Special): launches higher. OTG properties changed to match normal hit property (reverse launch type).

  • Mega Beam (assist only): startup reduced to 30F, from 39F.

  • Launcher jump distance increased making it easier to convert hits into juggle combos from range.

  • Mega Launch (EX): increased startup to 16F, from 12F. Decreased forward movement and increased hitbox width above Trini’s head significantly.


  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Crouching Light: reduced total frame time; less recovery on whiff.

  • Standing Medium: reduced total frame time; less recovery on whiff. Additional upper-body height hitbox added.

  • Jumping Medium: increased active frames to 10, up from 4.

  • Jumping Heavy: increased active frames to 7, up from 3.

  • Gold Rush (Forward Special): now projectile invincible from frame 3 to 24, and nullifies projectiles from frames 3 to 14.

  • Gold Rush Retreat (Gold Rush ~ Forward + Special): now cancelable into Gold Rush Dash.

  • Gold Rush sequence of Retreat > Dash > Rise > Air Retreat: now allows for one extra Gold Rush aerial maneuver.

  • Gold Rush Rise, Retreat, Dash: aerial versions are fully projectile invulnerable.

  • Counterfeit (Jumping Special) can be performed 1 frame earlier from a jump.

  • Forward Dash: distance increased by ~15%.


  • Increased jumping fall speed.

  • Shadow Slash (Special ~ Light)  and Saber Slash (Jumping Special): increased hitbox length significantly.

  • Saber Slash: decreased recovery time.

  • Jumping Heavy: hitbox height increased.

  • Shadow Form (Special): dash cancels can be performed slightly earlier.

  • Shadow Strike: reduced pre-teleport (startup) by 5F.

  • Guard Breaker (Back Special ~ Back Special): startup time decreased.

  • Justice Defense (Forward Special): increased parry active window to 17 frames, up from 9.


  • Wolf Rush (Special): overall dramatically faster. Forward run begins 17 frames earlier and all follow-up attacks execute 6 frames earlier.

  • King of the Jungle (Forward Special): prejump frames reduced to 8 frames, down from 16.

  • Lion Maul (Forward Special ~ Medium): descends immediately upon activation; much faster overhead attack.

  • King Cobra Combination (EX): fully invincible until its first active hit.


  • Crouching Medium: increased hitstun by 2F, making cancels into Wolf Wheel guaranteed on hit.

  • Forward Throw and Back Throw: damage increased to 80, up from 70.

  • Forward Throw: now cancelable into Pounce.

  • Standing Medium: decreased juggle limiter inflation.

  • Wolf Wheel (Special) and Wolf Wheel Spike (Special ~ Forward Special): increased projectile damage by 20.

  • Wolf Wheel Spike: frames 1 to 11 are jump attack invincible, and the rising hit portion is air unblockable.

  • Pounce (Forward Special) reworked

    • Much faster

    • Lower jump height

    • Cancelable into jumping attacks earlier

    • Jump attacks from Pounce now add extra recovery time on landing

  • Lunar Cyclone: increased true damage by 20.


  • MP Shoryuken (Medium Shoryuken): increased invincibility frames to 7, up from 4.


  • Fixed an issue where Chun-Li could perform a ground block while in mid-air.

  • Fixed an issue where Chun-Li could cancel into Megazord Ultra off of a blocked EX Spinning Bird Kick.


  • Health reduced to 900, down from 950.

  • Standing Heavy: reduced meter gain. First hit damage reduced to 30, down from 40.

  • Standing Heavy 2: reduced hitstun of first hit from 40F to 27F. First hit damage reduced to 40, down from 50. Second hit damage increased to 60, up from 50.

  • Crouching Heavy 2: reduced hitstun of first hit from 34F to 28F.

  • Shredder Barrage (Back Special ~ Medium): teleport cancel requirement adjusted; now requires non-blocked hit.

  • Pond Hopper (Back Special ~ Heavy): fixed an issue with performing assist takeovers.

  • Pond Hopper: much more punishable when Adam doesn’t successfully reach the back edge of the screen (e.g., from chasing him).


  • Standing Heavy 3 (Forward + Heavy version): hitstun fixed; comboable into Standing Light.

  • Jumping Heavy: decreased overall hitbox size.

  • Jumping Special: decreased overall hitbox size. Increased hurtbox size.

  • Sledge Splash (Special ~ Back + Special): must be blocked high.


  • Swap Strike now transitions to idle state correctly in all situations.