Como prometido anteriormente, a 11 bit studios disponibilizou uma atualização de versão 1.7 para Moonlighter.

Essa atualização adiciona mais de 100 novos modelos de salas, possibilidade de voltar na sala do chefe e enfrentá-lo novamente e muito mais. Veja abaixo os patch notes na íntegra e a tabela com o cronograma que foi divulgada anteriormente.

  • 100 new rooms!

    We have added 100 more room patterns to the game! We’ve also introduced another brand new element to the mix: the puddles. They are going to poison Will in the forest, burn him in the Desert and electrify his hero-wannabe guts in the Tech dungeon. This new element has given us more possibilities to design new rooms. Poor Will… No worries, though – we have also added more rooms without puddles!

    Special post-boss room

    From now on, after defeating Boss in a dungeon – you can re-enter his chamber to find it crawling with monsters! This new room will provide an extra challenge – beat it quick enough to unlock all three chests. The chest timer will stop whenever you kill ALL the enemies. So, if you’re a slowpoke – only one or two chests will be unlocked for you. Only true Heroes deserve the most handsome rewards!

    About the chests themselves: each one is related to the kind of chest that you can find in each floor, so the first one will probably be a wooden chest or a silver chest. However, the second one will probably be a silver or a gold one! And – as you can already expect – the third one could even be the purple, magical one! This gives you different possibilities and motivation to go back to the dungeons that you’ve already finished.

    Oh, and by the way: those chests have more loot than the standard ones that you normally find in the dungeons!

    New armor skins

    Now, every time you decide (and you should!) to upgrade piece of armor it will have a different aesthetic associated with the dungeon, also the armor icon will be different. Here you can see the preview of Tier 1 armor skin:

    New visual effects for enchanted weapons

    We’ve added new particle FX for enchanted weapons that are triggering whenever you use the weapon. The FX has 3 different levels that are associated with each enchantment level. So, the more enchanted weapon – the cooler it becomes!

    On top of that, we’ve added a little glint effect that it is applied to the icon of an enchanted weapon inside the inventory, so you can identify enchanted weapons easier.

    New in-game tutorials

    We have added these scrolls that will appear whenever you upgrade your shop and and some kind of new feature appears. We’ve prepared these new tutorials for:

    • Decoration items (Shop level 2)
    • Wealthy customers (Shop level 2)
    • Quests (Shop level 3)
    • Crystal showcases (Shop level 3)
    • Shop Helper (Shop level 4)

    Here’s an example of one of the tutorials:

    DLC Backer Weapon

    It is finally here: a special weapon we designed for Kickstarter backers (again: thank you SO much for supporting us back in the day)! It is a very unique Supporter Bow! What’s very cool about it – is that Blacksmith can upgrade this weapon for you – so it won’t become obsolete in the subsequent dungeons.

    • Adding Skip button in starting cutscene
    • Removed tourist bubble icon. Tourists and rich people work basically the same – so there is no point to differentiate them from the UI-standpoint.
    ▷ ▷ FIXES
    General fixes:
    • Soft lock upon starting a new game by overwriting previous save
    • Inconsistency in Banker’s prices
    • No longer possible to open Inventory during Intro cutscene
    • Updated Chinese and Japanese translations
    • FPS Drop after resuming game from an extended “soak” on pause menu
    • Soft lock after finishing credits that were opened during gameplay
    • Random crash after publisher screen
    • No longer possible to open chest during “waking up” animation
    • Exclamation mark remaining above NPC even after everything was “read”
    • PS4 Touchpad button instead of Xbox “View” button on Map binding
    • GUI was not refreshing upon swapping held items in the inventory
    • Overlapping buttons in options when opened for the first time
    • Cursor no longer goes back to the top of the list after crafting something at the Blacksmith
    • It was not being possible to enchant items that were placed in bedside chest
    • Credits texts overlapped with button prompts in Russian and German
    • Issues with cursor in multi-paged bedside chest
    Dungeon Fixes:
    • Soft lock upon pausing game during Merchant Emblem tutorial
    • Dungeon blocker after killing first monster mini-wave before the second appears in Enemy Waves Secret room
    • No longer possible to open inventory between two stages of the final boss fight
    • Crash on picking up an item that was dropped on death in Tutorial Dungeon
    • Skeletons were looking intact upon returning to the room again
    Shop oriented fixes:
    • Notebook prices were not recorded if the item before patching to 1.6 was sold for a cheaper price than after the update
    • Items from previous sale were displayed on sales summary if the game was quit before closing shop
    • No longer possible to receive two quests requesting the same item