Marvel's Spider-Man 2

A Insomniac Games anunciou que a atualização de versão 1.002.003 está disponível para Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Veja os patch notes a seguir.

O update basicamente corrige alguns bugs e realiza alguns ajustes visuais em determinados trajes.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Patch Notes 1.002.003

Suit Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where masks and lenses on certain suits would appear wavy, notably on the Amazing 2 Suit
  • Addressed an issue where the webbing on the Classic Suit appeared blurry
  • Addressed an issue where Peter’s Hellfire Gala would have glowing lights around the mask
  • Addressed an issue where an orb of light would appear on Peter’s Iron Spider Suit


  • Addressed an issue where some users’ save data would disappear, notably after v. 1.002.000
  • Addressed an issue where the game would prompt users to start a new game instead of continuing their current NG+ save file
  • Addressed an issue where the sun would move across the sky when using the “Sunset” Time of Day setting
  • Addressed an issue where the Charge Jump tutorial prompt wouldn’t show up when avoiding the security guard in the “Roll Like We Used To” flashback mission
  • Addressed an issue where the L1+R1 prompts wouldn’t show up to pick up Dima’s steak in NG+
  • Addressed an issue where the duffle bag would show skin/suit damage


  • Addressed environmental textures/bugs in the open world
  • Add general stability improvements to address common crashes and performance hiccups


  • Addressed an issue where accessibility presets would reset any additional customizations on death, restart, or reloading checkpoint
  • Addressed missing High Contrast shaders during the EMF Prospect Park Bee Drone mission
  • Addressed an issue where the screen reader would automatically turn off when selecting a New Game save slot
  • Addressed an issue where the screen reader would not properly read certain text, including confirmation windows, the initial shortcut menu on setup, 120hz display mode confirmation, and more
  • Added Skip Puzzle option to the tether puzzle in Make Your Own Choices