Life is Strange: True Colors

A Square Enix e a Deck Nine anunciaram que uma nova atualização será disponibilizada nesta semana. No caso do PS5 e Xbox, o update estará disponível hoje, enquanto que no PS4 nesta terça-feira.

A atualização oferece consertos basicamente, mas há uma novidade importante para os donos de PS5 e Xbox Series X: um modo a 60 fps estará disponível.

Veja os patch notes na íntegra a seguir.

Patch #3

Available: PS5, Xbox – Now / PS4 – Tuesday 5th October / Steam, Stadia – Wednesday 6th October

Fixed Issues

PlayStation 5

· High Resolution / High Performance (up to 60fps) mode/s toggle added

Xbox Series X

· High Resolution / High Performance (up to 60fps) mode/s toggle added


· HDR enabled

· Frame rate issues around Steph Power moment fixed


· Tutorials and How to Play text updated to use Tap wording when using Tap Accessibility setting for Power Controls.

All Platforms

· Achievements/Trophies for all collectibles should now retro-actively be awarded when reaching the Title screen on launch or when loading a different save file. This will also check for and award the Platinum trophy on PlayStation if applicable.

Under Investigation – Life is Strange Wavelengths DLC

Thank you for your reports regarding your experiences with Life is Strange Wavelengths.

While wholly not ideal, we were happy to see that most PlayStation owners were able to download and play the content within the first 24 hours of launch after experiencing some initial difficulty. We are currently investigating the Stadia entitlement issues reported, and apologize for the delay in accessing this content.

We are also currently investigating and looking to reproduce some of the other issues that have been reported, such as the player being unable to select the D20 while taking a caller in some instances, and an error with the DLC save file in some circumstances.

We want you to know that these issues are being  looked into, and we will continue to investigate and update you.

We hope to have more to share with you soon.

Previous Patches

Patch #2

Available: Now  Released: September 27

Fixed Issues

All Platforms · Chapter 2 – Jed T-Posing in Black Lantern  · Chapter 2 – Alex T-Posing with Ryan

PlayStation · PS4 – Screen Turning White  · PS4 – World and Friend Stats Not Displaying   · PS5 – HDR sliders missing

Xbox · In-game links not functioning

Launch Period Patch

Available: Now

Fixed Issues

Steam ·  Changing Outfits causing crashes

PlayStation · Can’t access pre-order outfits

Patch #1

Fixed Issues


· PS5 Ray-Tracing Issue


· Xbox Series X Ray-Tracing Issue

Windows Store

· Ray-Tracing Issue


· Save file Issues

· Black Screen Issues

· Aggressive Lighting issues


· Pre-Order Outfit ownership issues

As we expressed in our last update, we had hoped you would all have a flawless first-time experience with Life is Strange: True Colors and DLC Wavelengths, and for those of you who wish these fixes had come sooner, we completely understand. Please know that all issues must be investigated, re-produced, and understood before fixes can be worked on (this is exactly why your reporting, information and feedback has been so helpful!)

Once issues are fixed, they still need to be tested by our QA teams to make sure they aren’t creating any unexpected new issues, then approved by the platforms, before finally bringing them to you, which is why everything unfortunately wasn’t fixed in a matter of days.