God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla

A Santa Monica Studio lançou a atualização de versão 5.03 para God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla.

O update basicamente corrige alguns bugs e realiza balanceamentos em determinados pontos.

Veja os patch notes a seguir (via site oficial).



  • Fixed an issue where audio would not play and characters would be out of sync during the first cinematic after death
  • Cleared lingering Draupnir Spear particles when cinematic starts


  • Reduced difficulty of first Týr fight on the ‘Show Me Will’ difficulty setting
  • Increased difficulty of some arena challenges
  • Tuning adjustment to ‘The Forum’ to make difficulty more appropriate
  • Slightly reduced health gain and chance of proc on Spear kill perk while in Valhalla
  • Various combat tuning and balance updates
  • Fixed an issue where Greek Labyrinth Mastery would not increase in the “Open Greek Chests” value if Kratos forfeited a reward selection after spending Fleeting Echoes to open a chest
  • Fixed an exploit when using the Spear against Ormstunga
  • Fixed an issue with the encounter not ending when kicking Einherjar outside of the arena
  • Fixed an issue where Týr would teleport away and not come back
  • Fixed an issue where not all Hunter armor pieces were available
  • Fixed an issue where encounter would not end if Nightmare was ejected from a creature near the arena boundary
  • Fixed an issue where Kratos could erroneously stay in Spartan Rage when interacting with Shield Maidens


  • Resolved multiple crashes including when opening certain chests or rifts, non-English language specific crashes, and memory leak on PlayStation 4
  • Fixed an issue where Kratos would be falling through the world
  • Fixed an issue where Kratos would fall out of the arena when interacting with a rift on the Aegean Ship
  • Fixed an issue with Kratos falling through the world after walking through a Mystic Gateway
  • Fixed some issues with textures not streaming in properly when entering arenas


  • Fixed an issue with the “Time Extended” message displaying in timed challenge trials when it should not
  • Fixed an issue with subtitles overlapping UI when in vendor menus
  • Fixed some instances of the navigation assist pointing to incorrect locations
  • Fixed an issue where the timer would overlap the Warrior Soul health bar
  • Fixed instances where the “Elites Killed” counter would remain after timer expired
  • Corrected the “Costly Damage” burden to show appropriate duration in description
  • Fixed the King of the Hill challenge timer overlapping progress bar
  • Fixed an instance when the timer would never reach zero on the Aegean Ship encounter
  • Fixed an issue which would cause a screen reader to read the Tablet of Reflection prompt twice in a row
  • Fixed instances where subtitles were not formatted properly
  • Fixed an issue where “Flawless Kills” and “Flawless Parries” Challenge UI updated any time Kratos was hit
  • Added a ‘Download in Progress’ screen if attempting to launch God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla before God of War Ragnarök is fully installed
  • Fixed an issue with the options menu displaying when opening the glyph tutorial for the first time