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Confira abaixo as notas dos reviews da revista britânica EDGE #325 em sua edição lançada hoje para assinantes.

Destiny 2: Forsaken – 9

“Forsaken’s biggest achievement is that it doesn’t matter that we’re weeks away from being raid-ready…. Bungie has successfully remedied two of the most frequent criticisms of Destiny: that there isn’t enough to do and that it’s endgame is overly focused on raiding. We’re cautious: History has told us that Bungie is only ever one new release from messing everything up again, but it finally feels like the developer is listening and more crucially, learning. Cayde-6 may be gone but the game he leaves behind is in better shape than ever”

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider – 4

“By then, any sense of coherence has long left the building. Disjointed and directionless, Croft’s descent into darkness is, shockingly, one hell of a mess”

Forza Horizon 4 – 9
Frozen Synapse 2- 7
Wandersong – 7
Valkyria Chronicles 4 – 8
Two Point Hospital – 8
Transference – 7
Life Is Strange2: Episode 1 – 7
The Gardens Between – 7

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