Among Us

Among Us acaba de receber uma nova atualização com destaque para um novo Indie Cosmicube.

O Cosmicube é um grande crossover com vários títulos de sucesso: Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Celeste, Behemoth (Castle Crashers e Alien Hominid) e A Hat in Time. O pacote custa 7.000 beans e estará disponível apenas até 28 de fevereiro de 2024.

Among Us – Patch Notes 28/11

  • Indie Cosmicube featuring Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Celeste, Behemoth(Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid), and A Hat in Time
  • New Bean currency items in the store
  • [The Fungle] – Mushroom Mixup sabotage now randomizes skins
  • [The Fungle] – Some layering and animations have been fixed
  • [The Fungle] – You can now kill the Dummy that spawns in the kitchen. Their immortal reign is over
  • [The Fungle] – The Zipline SFX no longer plays continuously if a Crewmate is on it when a meeting is called
  • [The Fungle] – Campire SFX no longer plays during the intro sequence. Save the fire for the Impostors
  • [The Fungle] – The label for the Dock shows up on the map now. No more pretending you don’t know where it is…
  • [The Fungle] – The orange fish catch rate is now in line with the other fish
  • [The Fungle and Mira HQ] – Aim crosshair is back for the ‘Water Plants’ task when using a controller
  • [All Maps] – Quick Chat phrases that were listed incorrectly as Sabotages have been corrected
  • [All Platforms] – Shapeshifters won’t lose functionality when double tapping the ‘Use’ button when they start to shapeshift
  • Improvements for the black screen lobby bug – some users should no longer experience this error
    • A new error message will pop up if it does occur! Please write us a ticket if you see it
  • Various smaller fixes