General Gameplay fixes

  • General stability and Online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Legendary Multiverse Portals are now available for Aquaman, Black Canary, Harley Quinn
  • Fixed an issue with some Multiverse Meta Challenges not correctly completing


Stage Specific Fixes



Character Specific Fixes

  • Atom – Fixed a bug that allowed Atom to block by holding back while Character Power was active
  • Atom – Can now use Side Kick's in Multiverse events while Character Power is active
  • Atom – The environmental interaction created by the "Making Matter" ability is destroyed when his Character Power meter is fully drained
  • Atom – Fixed a lingering sound effect when the blue version of Catalyst Chaos is interrupted
  • Atom – Fixed a rare issue when interrupting Atom while his character power is active, which resulted in his tiny visual effect lingering
  • Atom – When affected by Dr. Fate's Final Punishment, the ankhs will no longer visually appear when performing Atom's throw animation
  • Atom – Update to Atom's throw animation
  • Atom – Fixed issue with Atom's victim regions not immediately resetting after his character power throw is escaped
  • Atom – Fixed many issues with lingering visual effects on "Atom Field" Gear Ability
  • Atom – Fixed some issues with Fermion Fury MeterBurn causing some animation issues on hit


  • Black Manta – Fixed a rare issue with Black Manta's Multiverse Side Kick attack causing a crash


  • Darksied – Clashing while Parademon is active will now cause it to disappear with a visual effect


  • Dr Fate – Fixed issue with visual effects persisting during the win screen


  • Hellboy – Adjusted the animation, hit region, visual effects location, and repel region on Devil's Revolver which could cause some inconsistent interactions
  • Hellboy – Increased base damage on Hell's Fury Gear Ability to 6 (up from 5)
  • Hellboy – Fixed punish indicator not working properly on some of his special moves
  • Hellboy – it is no longer possible to keep the armor active after dash cancelling out of the Gear Ability Azzael's Guard’s Meter Burn with specific timing
  • Hellboy – After missing with Heavy Hoof (Jump + Medium), Hellboy will no longer have slightly modified repel regions for a few frames


  • Joker – Legendary Augment "Surprise Chompers" no longer auto-corrects, now does 2 base damage (down from 5), and can be clashed
  • Joker – Fixed issue with Legendary Augment "Surprise Chompers" that prevented close and far versions from being performed
  • Joker – Clashing with Chattering Teeth or Surprise Chompers on screen will now cause them to disappear with a visual effect


  • Poison Ivy – Added Sound Effects to Gear Augment "The Thorned Rose"


  • Raiden – AI controlled Raiden can now perform all end of round animations


  • Red Hood – Clashing with Ground Mine on screen will now cause it to disappear with a visual effect
  • Red Hood – The throwing stars from the "Puncture" Gear Augment will no longer appear during Supermove and Clash cinematics


  • Scarecrow – Fear-Ferno no longer builds excessive character power meter when it makes contact with Atom's Catalyst Chaos
  • Scarecrow – Fixed visual issue that could happen when Scythe Grab was clashed from long range


  • Starfire – Star Dust will now prioritize the very far version over the far version
  • Starfire – Star Dust MeterBurn cooldown will now properly reset when it connects with armor or is destroyed


  • Swamp Thing – Abagail's Garden Character Power visual effects now show up when doing damage to Atom while his Character Power is active
  • Swamp Thing – Fixed a bug that could cause some wood attacks impact effects to use the opponent's shader to tint the color


  • Wonder Woman – If Shield Toss is clashed, her shield now will disappear with a visual effect