A Bandai Namco divulgou os patch notes da atualização 1.50 de SoulCalibur VI, que foi oferecida no domingo. Além de ter suporte à personagem DLC Cassandra, a atualização permite que os jogadores desliguem os personagens criados nas partidas online e também oferece diversos consertos.

Veja os patch notes na íntegra logo abaixo. No vídeo acima você confere o modo história de Cassandra com legendas em português do Brasil.

Ver. 1.50 Update

【Available: updated on August 6th, 2019 】

Compatibility Support of the paid DLC6 (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

This update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC6, playable character “Cassandra”.

※ For details, please check here.

Additional Creation Items (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The following Creation Items will be available for everyone after installing this update.

  • Arm Gear  Battle Princess Gloves
  • Leg Gear  Battle Princess Boots
  • Torso (Middle Layer)   Battle Princess Leotard
  • Extra (Special Parts)   Prayer’s Persona

Additional Function (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • We added more characters that a player can use for character name in “Enter Name” during “CREATION” process.
    ※ Characters or symbols that are not compatible may not be displayed correctly.
  • Players can now select “Consecutive Bout” in “Battle Format” when creating their own room in “CASUAL MATCH”.
    In “Consecutive Bout”, a number of players allowed in the room is fixed to “2”, and the players are able to fight consecutively after the end of a battle.
  • A player can now check the player license of hosts in “CASUAL MATCH” while browsing rooms by pressing △ button.
    ※ In case of PlayStation®4.
  • A player can now select “Display the Opponent’s Creation in Ranked Match” and “Display the Opponent’s Creation in Casual Match” from “Network Setting” in “OPTION”. When a player switch “OFF” the creation display, the appearance of the opponent’s character will change to the preset look.
    ※ This does not affect the fight balance as the personality and the physique of the opponent’s character remains unchanged. Moreover, this setting will not be applied to the character display when a player watches other players’ matches in “Casual Match” mode.

Game System Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  1. The battle system and the characters’ moves are re-adjusted.
    ※ For details, please see here.
  2. The game now remembers the position a player last selected when they close window after browsing “Combat Lesson”.
    ※ When a player goes back to the character selection screen or exits the mode, the position they last selected will be reset.
  3. We fixed the bug that sometimes the guard stamina is not correctly shown around the health gauge in battles and replays.
  4. We fixed the bug that the BGM originally playing in “MUSEUM” sometimes still get played same time when a player select and plays a BGM from “BGM” in “MUSEUM”.
  5. Some of the texts are corrected.
  6. We also improved the stability of several movement.

Incorrect Texts (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

The texts of the following moves displayed in Ver. 1.50 are incorrect.

These texts will be fixed in the next update.

  • Cassandra: “Destined Greatness”
    【Wrong】Guard impact vs. high, middle vertical attacks * except thrusting attacks and kicks
    【Correct】Guard impact vs. high, middle vertical attacks * except kicks
  • Tira: “Chill-out Reaver”
    【Wrong】Shift to attack throw upon hit/Absorb opponent’s health/Absorbs soul gauge
    【Correct】Shift to attack throw upon hit/Absorb opponent’s health/Increases soul gauge

TRAINING Adjustments (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • A player can now maintain Soul Charge state even when they reset the character’s position while being soul charged. A player can reset their character’s position and cancel Soul Charge by pressing “L3+L1+R1”.
    ※ In case of PlayStation®4.
  • When the opponent character crouches in “Action Settings 1” and shift to the action of “Action Setting 2”, the standing action before the action of “Action Setting 2” is now omitted. A player can now do a training closer to a real battle.
    ※ The opponent character now makes a move from the crouching position in the fastest timing, and this prevent the character to do some attack moves in standing position in “Action Setting 2”. (Instead, the character does attack moves in crouching position, or attack moves while standing up)
  • When a player set “Play Command Record” in “Action Setting 2”, the opponent character now does the recorded move just before the end of “Action Settings 1” (the timing when a player can enter command in advance)
    ※ The purpose of this change is to ensure that the recorded move plays correctly after guarding the attack with long immobile period.
  • We fixed a problem that, when a player sets “Play Command Record/random” while actions are recorded in 2 slots out of 3 available for “Play Command Record”, the remaining 1 unrecorded slot also get selected in random (the character stops doing any actions).


  • We increased the parts of “Butterfly Antennas” which color can be changed.
  • We fixed the color of the wings of “Archangel Armor”.
  • We fixed the bug that a part of an item becomes transparent when “Revenant (female)” wears certain torso (upper layer) items.
  • We fixed the bug that a part of a character’s leg becomes transparent while wearing “Allegiance Leg Armor”.
  • We fixed a problem that “Seong Inner Wrap” and “Wedding Shoes” do not fit properly to the character’s body shape and a part of the body protrudes from the items when worn.
  • It is now changed that “Hermit’s Hood” cannot be worn together with “Wretch’s Helmet” or “Nightmare Helm”.
    ※ As this is only applicable to items that cannot be seen when worn together with other items, this change does not affect to the variations of appearance a player can create.
  • It is changed that not only a male character can wear “Dark Knight Fauld” together with “Slit Skirt”, “Arabian Slacks”, “Short Slops”, or “Samurai’s Hakama”, but also a female character can wear them together in this update.
  • It is changed that not only a male character can wear “Wretch’s Suit” together with “Roman Loincloth” or “Pleated Skirt”, but also a female character can wear them together in this update.
  • Other minor bugs are also fixed.

NETWORK Adjustments  (PS4®/Xbox One/STEAM®)

  • There is now a SE when an opponent is found in “RANKED MATCH”.
  • When a player plays an online battle from “Ranked Match Waiting Room”, the default item that will be shown in the result menu after the battle is now changed to “Return to Previous Mode”.
  • We fixed the bug that the selected stage is revealed immediately when a player first selects and fights a stage other than “RANDOM” in “CASUAL MATCH”, then select “RANDOM” for the next battle afterward.