A Bandai Namco anunciou que a atualização 1.09 está disponível para Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris.

Veja um trailer que destaca as novidades logo abaixo. Em seguida você confere todos os patch notes.

New Additional Contents

  • Added Finish Arts to Wayfarer ReoNa
  • Added “Raid Dungeon Extreme”
  • Added “Semi-auto mode”
    *This mode is for players who want to focus on the main story and play the game with simplified combat.
  • Added “Lightplay mode”
    *In this mode, the player can play through to the start of Chapter 2 while cruising through the story. This is for players who have seen the anime or read the books and want to reach the game-original content faster.
  • Added “Semi-auto mode” and “Lightplay mode” in the options menu
    *This mode can be switched ON/OFF during gameplay
    *Lightplay mode can be selected when starting a new game
  • Added an option to skip battle in the central cathedral in Chapter 1
    *This battle will be skipped automatically when Lightplay mode is ON
  • Added an option to adjust the speed of the cursor during Concentration
  • Added an option to fix the camera position
  • Added an option to reduce particle effects during battle
  • Added an option to display details during battle
  • Added an option to adjust text speed
  • Added tutorials for the additional features



  • Super Arts can now be triggered whenever the Arts Gauge is more than zero.
    *Only when Semi-auto mode is OFF.
  • Reduced the speed of Arts Gauge decreasing during Super Arts
  • Reduced the amount of Arts Gauge needed to use Ally Skills
  • Switched the Finish Arts and Super Arts buttons
  • World Map can now be zoomed in and out with the D-pad
  • Multiple items can now be selected when selling at a shop
  • [STEAM] Fixed the issue where the Bond Conversations end with the camera placed further than intended when playing in a certain resolution
  • [STEAM] Keyboard controls can now be selected


  • [Xbox One] Adjusted number of objects displayed on screen, and texture resolution


  • Adjusted the battle difficulty of the Integrity Knights in Chapter 1
  • The player will recover HP when succeeding in landing an Ally Skill
  • Adjusted the movements when using an Ally Skill when enemy parts are targeted
  • Adjusted the movements when using Renly’s certain sword skills
  • Adjusted the particle effects when using the sword skill “Photon Eraser”
  • Adjusted balance of certain sword skills
  • Dual-wielding sword skill: Moment Bite, Bow sword skill: Fix Peer, Skill: At Wit’s End


  • Route Guidance can now be switched to guide the player to the pinned location, main quest or Sub quests
  • Route Guidance will now have different colors based on the selected destination
    Pinned location = green, Sub quests = yellow, and main quest = blue


  • Players can now receive multiple CUBE tickets at once


  • Adjusted camera movements during battle