A THQ Nordic anunciou que Wreckfest recebeu uma nova atualização com diversas novidades.

Os destaques ficam por de suporte a 4K no PS4 Pro (e Xbox One X), loadings mais rápidos, duas novas pistas, novas opções (novo modo de dano, por exemplo) e mais.

Veja abaixo os patch notes na íntegra:



– Added two new tracks: Drytown Desert and Rockfield Roughspot.


– Increased title stability.
– Optimized loading times.
– On PS4 Pro, the game is now rendered in 4K resolution (in case of a sub-4K display, image is downsampled).
– Improved mesh particle culling mproving framerate especially in events featuring large vehicles.
– Glow particles no longer appear completely white.


– Added a third damage mode that some of you folks have been requesting: Intense. This is same as the “Realistic” mode with which the console versions launched, in other words, “Realistic” with attacker’s advantage enabled.
– Added an AI Set for Limo.
Added Big Rig and Limo to the “Special Mix” AI Set.
– Increased Wingman strength.
-Reduced Limo strength slightly.
-Taking the loop on “Deathloop” no longer causes damage to the car.
– Improved Honey Pot panel damage so that panels get detached correctly.
– Wheels no longer clip the fenders of Venom nearly as easily.
– Lawnmower and other small vehicles are no longer invincible against small to medium nudges.
– The special wheels for Muddigger should be now found in the user inventory.
– Improved AI raceline on various tracks.
– Added improved iconography to the garage user interface.
– Added new, unique icons for armor and visual upgrade parts.
– Added upgrade tier icons for performance parts.
– In career heat races, event specific loading screen is now displayed also between the heats.
– In custom events, the correct AI Set is now displayed after changing the vehicle.
– HUD can no longer appear in the main menu after being disconnected from an online session.


Added support for player-created private lobbies. In lobby, you can use the new menu option to adjust the server rules, configure the event and so on. At the moment, you can invite up to eight friends. To make sure there are server instances available for those who need them, the server instance is automatically shut down in case you don’t invite players during 10 minutes after creating the server.
Added support for switching region, i.e. region unlock. Please note that if you’re playing in other than your home region, your gameplay experience might not be optimal due to the increased network lag.
Improved local car prediction precision to reduce input lag.

– In lobby, the server name no longer overlaps the track name at the top.
– Lobby options are no longer incorrectly grayed out in case the user is in the Tune screen when a track change occurs.