Polygon – Review in Progress as not finished yet, but huge improvement over the original so far

I don’t know if The Evil Within 2 will be able to work this magic right up until the credits — which seem a lot further off than they did in the first game — but for now, I’m extremely impressed. The game just keeps tossing everything it has at me, and every time I think I’ve seen it all, it gives me some unique revelation, some dreadful apparition I’ve yet to encounter. That push and pull, between wanting to see what the game has in store next and being terrified to find out — that delightful feeling is why I play horror games, and so far this one is nailing it.

US Gamer – Review in Progress (no score quite yet), not done but feels like a huge improvement to the original

I haven't finished the game, but it feels like it's right around the corner. From what I've played so far though, The Evil Within 2 is everything I wanted from the first game. Every major complaint I had about the first game is at least addressed in some manner, though the tweaks aren't always perfect. It's a unique psychological horror title with Resident Evil 4's action combat. Tentatively, for those folks who weren't a fan of Capcom's reboot with Resident Evil 7, The Evil Within offers something that you might like, while blazing its own trail.

PC Games N – Review in Progress, no score yet, a bold evolution

My impressions at this point are very positive and I am eager to jump back into Union in order to finish the story and see the rest of its myriad horrors. This is far more than a throwback to the haunting atmosphere and pacing of Resident Evil 4, The Evil Within 2 is entirely its own horror experience – part open-world survival game, part psychological horror.

Windows Central – 4.5/5

The Evil Within 2 is a frightening game, though perhaps not as pants-wettingly scary as the early portions of Resident Evil 7. The game itself is improved nicely over the original, with a great open-world structure and lots of interesting missions to take on. The actual story is extremely compelling as we follow Sebastian's journey towards redemption amid a world filled with both human and inhuman monsters. If you're looking for a lengthy and frightening adventure this Halloween season, look no farther than The Evil Within 2.

Twinfinite – 4/5

Despite its flaws, The Evil Within 2 is a thoughtfully constructed horror rollercoaster ride that strikes a delicate balance between giving the player the power to fight back, and also making them realize that sometimes, all those guns and gear won’t save you from the terrors you can’t understand.

Stevivor – 9/10

The themes of The Evil Within 2 are redemption and forgiveness, though there’s nothing this iteration of the franchise needed to do to redeem itself and certainly has nothing to be forgiven for. It’s a solid, emotional romp filled with challenge and scares alike. It’s certainly recommended.

Game Revolution – 3.5/5

In the end, The Evil Within 2 is a worthy sequel that makes a number of bold decisions. For those solely looking for the survival horror thrills of the first game, its spotlight upon combat will likely be a disappointment, as will its introduction of a dull open world. However, there's plenty tucked away in The Evil Within 2 that will both appeal to both fans of the original and new players, with it presenting a mix of Mikami's best ideas and John Johanas' new direction. It's certainly not what I was expecting, but in a good way.

IGN Italy – 8/10

(google translated) The Evil Within 2 is definitely one step ahead of its predecessor: a rich, deep and long-lived horror survival. The level of difficulty has been considerably softened, and if this makes the title more affordable, on the other, it denies that authoritative uniqueness of the title that inspired it.

Eurogamer Italy – 8/10

(google translated) The ideal vote for this great effort for the good Shinji would be a 7.5, but Eurogamer does not have the means of voting. For this reason, whoever writes you has decided to use the heart. The heart of a fan of worlds conceived by Mikami (though this time the director is John Johanas) and the horror genre in general. If, as I am part of this category, you can still go over the flaws described a few lines ago and enjoy the journey in Sebastian's madness as an intriguing roller coaster ride.

GamesRadar – 3.5/5

The Evil Within 2 doesn't quite manage to step out of the first game's shadow – but while it may not have the same bold, unified style, you won't have to worry about frustrating mechanics or enraging difficulty spikes. If you've got a soft spot for the original game in your survival horror-loving heart, you'll surely enjoy this sequel (and get a kick out of the many callbacks to the previous plotline). After my 16-hour-long journey alongside Sebastian, I find myself looking back fondly on The Evil Within 2, with its satisfying mix of tense scares, hard-hitting combat, and impressive hallucinatory set pieces. And above all, I'll never forget that time Sebastian unironically told a photograph "I'm going to stab the shit out of you."

Games Reactor.es – 7/10

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DreamCast Guy Video Review – 9/10

Multiplayer.it – 8.5/10

SpazioGamers – 8.5/10

(Google Translated) Beyond these little imperfections, there really is no reason why you should let The Evil Within 2 escape, which represents an instant classic, a step forward for the franchise and an adventure that horror / survival lovers love not only – they will love it.

Every Eye – 8.2/10

The Game Machine – 8.2/10

AppTrigger – 9/10

Whether it’s the variety of worlds to explore, monsters to slay, personalities to pontificate about or the added depths of survival gameplay, The Evil Within 2 will send chills down in more ways than one. Subverting the expected and expanding upon the familiar, it builds upon its own universe and gives the player more to think about once finished. Long story short; you’re in for a hell of a treat.

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