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Atualização da segunda temporada de Dragon Ball FighterZ está disponível; detalhes e gameplay

Atualização: veja acima um novo gameplay oficial de Jiren e Videl.

A primeira atualização da segunda temporada de Dragon Ball FighterZ está disponível. No caso do PS4, ela pesa 440 MB.

Apesar da atualização ter sido lançada, Jiren e Videl só estarão disponíveis amanhã para compra na PS Store.

Os patch notes podem ser vistos mais abaixo e trazem grandes mudanças ao game. Há pioras no Dragon Rush, diminuição da vida recuperável dos personagens, o Sparking pode ser usado na defesa (como forma de burst) e outros.

Além disso, as imagens abaixo mostram as cores de Jiren e Videl, assim como o avatar “chibi” para o lobby.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Videl

Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren

Dragon Ball FighterZ Jiren Videl

Season 2 patch notes

Recoverable life
– Recoverable life after taking damage has been decreased (outside of invincible moves)

Ki gauge
– Will now receive less ki gauge when being hit by a super or a Meteo Super, but when receiving damage outside of supers will now receive more ki gauge
– After using meter, it will now temporarily be more difficult to build meter again

Launching attacks
– If applicable to camera changing, will now follow the camera regardless of height when it happens

Invincible special moves
– Can no longer call assist or switch characters unless it’s on hit.

EX special moves
– The opponent will now have less recoverable life after being hit by one.

– When being hit after a Super (except for Ultimate Z Change/DHC), damage will now be reduced (excluding a select few supers)
– It is now easier to connect with Ultimate Z Change/DHC

Certain Meteor Super moves
– Lowest ceiling of guaranteed damage has been increased

– Can now be used while guarding (in air too)
– While in Sparking, the recoverable life your opponent has after taking damage has been reduced (not counting from invincible moves)
– It now starts up slower except when cancelled from an attack

Vanishing Move
– When cancelled from an attack, the camera will now follow better

Z Reflect
– After deflecting an attack, will now be invicible to the opponent’s Sparking! activation

Certain throw moves, Dragon Rush
– Fixed so that throws and Dragon Rush won’t connect several times in one combo

Dragon Rush
– On hit, the meter gain and damage has been decreased.
– After doing it in a combo, no more camera-shifting moves will be possible. (*This change was a bit unclear in the patch notes, but we believe this is what they meant.)

Airborne Dragon Rush
– After using it in a combo, the final hit will cause a slide down on the opponent

Guard Cancel Change
– Will now be invincible until it hits your opponent or is very close to them
– Recovery on block increased.

Grounded Backstep
– Increased distance

Shenlong: Revive my teammate
– Revived teammate’s health has been increased

Shenlong: Make me invincible
– The recovery speed of your life has been increased.

Ukemi (quick-rise)
– More difficult to get hit by airborne opponents

Grounded Wakeup Timing
– Can now do Ukemi at any point until your opponent is completely lying down

Dramatic Finish
– Has been changed to be activated from Standing Heavies and Vanishing Moves as well.